Why we dare to Love

Why we dare to LoveWhen we dare to love, we invent an idea the other and raised a large stone wall to protect us.

Love comes from the haven we should to take it and spread it to others in the family or the outsides. Sometimes we are facing more complication to take it or dare to it.

As we teach Family Constellations (memory therapy using interpersonal and behavioral family systems), if a woman has not taken and has forgiven her father, it is difficult to establish a healthy relationship with a man. Also if a man has not taken and has forgiven his mother, he will struggle to mate with a female.

Sometimes when we dare to love, we invent an idea the other and raised a large stone wall to protect: it is easier to convince the other is the prototype we have imagined, to go to him and look at his truth.

Why we dare to Love‘Why keep trying? He is an immature,’ ‘She's an octopus will eat all my freedom.’ We label the other, and so tombstones, then stay quiet on this idea, justifying our lack of courage. ‘I prefer to risk hammered heart to fall in love and what I go through a javelin’.

We plugged well, our deepest fears, our pains entrenched, has triggered the other, without doubt, to challenge us to grow. Nobody worth comes into our lives, in our inner circle, if not to confront ourselves. 

No clutch, when we dare to love, it is easier to entrenched, defended, crouching like wounded animal to decide to get out of that dark cave, although dark area from our mind.

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